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People living with H.I.V. that are sick enough get funding. L.I.V.E. is to provide people that are living with H.I.V. that are still healthy can be afforded the same opportunities. There's programs like HASA who give people that are sick enough opportunities to still live their life and be comfortable. People with H.I.V. that are still healthy, have to work struggle a little bit harder.

Yes everyone one struggles and We aren't saying that just because you are living with H.I.V. and aren't as healthy as others, you don't struggle. It's just that from experience it seems that way. Aside from this helping people living with H.I.V. that are healthy, its going to create jobs for the general population. Hopefully there can be an office in every borough.

Once the program proves to be a success, it can then be passed on to other states, so people in other states can be afforded the same opportunity.

We, the undersigned, call on the Congress and the Government to provide funding for L.I.V.E. (Living IN Vulnerable Environments) to help several people that aren't healthy enough to be afforded opportunities to help them try and live a little better.

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