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The mission behind this petition is to make Jackson Hole a safer and more open community. Very simple in its intention, the Late Night Transportation Crusade is an acknowledgement of a voiced need from the residents, visitors and seasonal friends of this area.

Whether you vacation or live, ski or snowboard, farm or hunt, dance or run, paint or sing in Jackson, you have been a part of this community and have experienced that this place takes care of its own.

We collectively want this to be a safe, beautiful and enjoyable place to live and visit; a socially responsible community that comes together to support each other when the situation calls for it. This is a moment for us to shine, to say we need and want Late Night Transportation.

We want less impaired driving, fewer DUI arrests, less animals killed on the road, our tourists to get downtown and our locals to Teton Village, our employees to have a ride and our friends and visitors to get home safe. We want to work hard, play hard and experience all of Jackson—and be safe getting home.

There are models for Safe Ride Programs all over the United States and the intended outcome of this petition is to generate ideas for the model that fits Jackson best, and to establish a non-profit for its implementation. The Crusade’s Facebook page, facebook.com/JH.Latenight, will act as a forum for research and discussion and you are invited to visit and share your ideas, thoughts, concerns and comments.

We petition the community, the residents, businesses, government, non-profits, and tourists of Jackson Hole to pledge their support for this Late Night Transportation Initiative.

We petition members of this community to collaborate, to brainstorm together about ideas, to raise funds together for this program and to look at obstacles as a challenge not as a deterrent.

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