#Human Rights
Missoula, Montana
United States of America

Kathleen Benitez Field is currently being charged with possessing a non-valid work permit she purchased over a decade ago, unknowing that it was a serious offence. Immigration authorities were made aware of this by her abusive ex-husband, who had previously left her with three children at seven months pregnant on the doorstep of the Salvation Army in 2007.

Since then, he has had over 50 charges of breaking his restraining order against the family, and yet, through this one calculated act, he has gained custody of the two youngest children, and Kathleen now faces deportation on September 6th. We need your help to support Kathleen in this crisis – to show that we believe more strongly in doing what is right rather than following the red tape of the system.

Other important details:
• Kathleen's two youngest children are ages 3 and 6.
• Kathleen's ex was not only abusive to Kathleen and the kids, he has two upcoming court cases: 1) for breaking his restaining order over 50 times; 2) for being the potential person who hit Kathleen's counselor with a truck (the counselor now has a 5% chance of survival after the operation being performed on the 6th). The truck has since "gone missing".
• Kathleen is a sweet soul, who is currently going to Garden City Church, a community who has welcomed her in this time.

We the undersigned understand the charges against Kathleen Benitez Field, and we support her efforts to stay in the United States of America with her children, and to be granted the ability to work to support them.

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