#Civil Rights
Christians and Others Who Support John Freshwater
United States of America

John Freshwater, a two-time "Teacher of the Year," including in 2007, is under investigation by Mount Vernon City Schools for refusing to remove a Bible from his desk, where it has been sitting for 22 years.

Other charges were made by school administrators that John expressed his personal faith on other occasions, after a torrent of public reaction to their censorship of the Bible.

John should have the right to express his faith at school to the fullest extent of the law. And we are confident that the law is on his side.

We, the undersigned, value John Freshwater as a Teacher, Friend and Community member and insist on his fair treatment by the Mt. Vernon Schools.

We strongly believe that Mr. Freshwater has been a very popular and effective teacher during his tenure here. Hundreds of students and parents have supported him and rallied for him.

Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act clearly protects Mr. Freshwater's right to keep a Bible on his work desk. He should be commended, not pilloried, for upholding moral values. We support John all the way!

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