Makhado Municipality
South Africa

Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant have been doing business in Louis Trichardt for approximately 15 years and are well known and loved to everybody in Louis Trichardt for their hospitality, excellent service and diversity of facilities they provide.

Grasdak are a well-known social venue and business in Louis Trichardt, which caters for people of all ages.

Grasdak are a social venue for especially young people, for Grasdak provides entertainment that’s safe, for Grasdak strives to uphold their image and they do not tolerate any misbehaviour.

Grasdak are of great value to Louis Trichardt and the surroundings by providing entertainment to the Public.

Louis Trichardt and the surroundings benefits from Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant as it improves the character of the area.

We, the undersigned, hereby participate in this petition for the continuous existence of Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant.

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