#Children's Rights
State of Nebraska
United States of America

My four grandsons were adopted to complete strangers in the state of Nebraska recently. When they were removed from my daughter's custody I attended the first court hearing and told the court I was interested in having custody of my grandsons.

The social worker assigned to the case asked me if I would like to have custody and I said yes. The state of Nebraska went through the motions of approving me for custody, however when they found someone interested in adopting they began to ignore me and my desires to have my grandchildren with me.

I was told the state of Nebraska does not recognize the rights of grandparents in child custody cases.

We the undersigned believe that the family unit is important and if at all possible children removed from their parents custody should be placed with a ready and willing grandparent if the grandparents express an interest in having custody of the children.

The right of a grandparent to maintain a family connection to their grandchildren should not be legislated away by any state, but specifically Nebraska in this case.

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