Dear Academicians,

According to a list offered Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in Denver, Colorado, almost all journals and publishers are accused to be a predatory publisher and journal. He believes “author self-archiving of articles in discipline-specific and institutional repositories is better than publishing in open access journals. Agree?

We decided to organize and circulate this petition due to following reasons;

1) To make alert all hardworking academicians of what is genuine open access publisher and journal;

2) To question Geffrey Beall website, list, thoughts, who is making his utmost efforts to accuse genuine open access publishers and journals;

3) To project not every publisher and journal is predatory.

You as an academician may notice that many open access journals are working hard to produce academically appropriate and reliable scientific content which can be trusted; obviously these journals possess remarkable characteristics in which make them vary from other journals such as subscribed or predatory journals.

As a matter of fact, it is strongly believed that the genuine open access journals and publishers are really making contribution to the real science which is helping with human progress.

It is time to acknowledge indexing databases such as SSCI, Scoupus, EBSCO and other databases who are trusting the genuine open access publishers and journal and take them into consideration.

Scholars highly encouraged to join their editorial boards, support them, and also it inspires researchers and academicians to publish in such journals, of course upon thorough investigation. It is recommended not to consider fake and biased lists that obviously have not any base.

We support genuine open-access Journals & Publishers.

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