The Ontario Provincial Government

This petition is to bring awareness that the people of Canada, specifically Ontario, need more funding as a diabetic. It is not right for people who abuse illegal drugs to be able to depend on provincially paid resources and have them supplied for free while diabetics rely on benefits and work insurance.

The government provides hardly any help to many of the diabetics. Many people have sent me messages and I have yet to hear anyone say the government was a big help. Very few actually benefit from the "assistance" offered.

It is also important to know that many diabetics are not entitled or qualify for benefits or tax credits. The provincial government prides themselves on these things however it doesn't help many people at all. It's like propoganda and we (the diabetics) want everyone to know what we're actually dealing with and the amount of "help" that doesn't apply to us. These costs rack up into the thousands mark per month for many of us.

I have sent letters to Kathleen Wynne, which were looked at before I sent them by my MPP and weeks after I received a letter telling me in a round about way that I was miseducated more less. As a diabetic for 11 years now, and one who was asked (along with my family) by CHEO to provide helpful support and guidance to new diabetic families, it is hard to fathom how a person in a leader position could act that way and just disregard this problem that many people have.

So, I personally ask you to sign this petition if you feel it is wrong for someone who contributes for the best of our society and must pay for these life sustaining supplies and medications due to lack of benefits, while those who chose to inflict harm on their bodies have the resources to get their supplies and drugs for free. This petition is about awareness and fairness.

Thank you and I appreciate your help, along with every other diabetic!


Jonah Gillard

We, the undersigned, call on the Ontario provincial government of Canada to provide funding for type one diabetics that use insulin injections and pens.

We also call on the government for a prompt drug plan that will pay fully for the supplies and medication (whether pump, pens or other methods) that are needed for this life sustaining issue.

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