Frances Rabinowitz, Interim Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools
United States of America

Are you aware that the Aquaculture School has no: school social worker, school psychologist or Special Education teacher? While there currently is a school nurse, it is uncertain whether there will be a school nurse for the 2016-2017 school year.

If your child has any problem/issue, s/he is likely directed to Finette Lafontant, Aquaculture's Guidance Counselor. For 20 years before this past school year (2015-2016), Aquaculture's Guidance Counselor position was full-time. Unfortunately though, due to ill-considered budget priorities/decisions, Ms. Lafontant splits her time between the Aquaculture School and a Bridgeport Elementary School. Presently, Ms. Lafontant spends only two days per week at the Aquaculture School.

There are approximately four hundred and thirty-one students who attend the Aquaculture School. Each student has diverse needs ranging from a potential family challenge to learning about/completing college applications/scholarship opportunities. Further, certain special education students have needs which require immediate attention by a trained professional who understands the student and the student's needs. We should not allow Bridgeport Public Schools to leave our students without proper services/resources.

We all know that students are not only academic beings but whole beings requiring support and direction to foster a positive connection between family and the Aquaculture school as well as future, post secondary opportunities.

We, the undersigned, do not believe that Bridgeport Public Schools is providing adequate educational and post secondary support while attending the Aquaculture School.

We therefore call on the Interim Director of Bridgeport Public Schools to immediately fund current Guidance Counselor, Finette Lafontant, as a full-time Guidance Counselor at the Aquaculture School.

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