Supporters of Nurse Practitioners
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The Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners (VCNP), the statewide association representing more than 7,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) in Virginia, is gearing up to push for “full practice authority” legislation during the upcoming 2017 General Assembly.

To be successful, VCNP needs your help!

Nurse practitioners in Virginia are undermined by current state law that needs to change. Virginia is one of only 12 states remaining with a restrictive practice environment and the solution is for NPs to be granted Full Practice Authority. A successful legislative push to change this law would allow nurse practitioners to practice to the full extent of their education and training, with licensure under the exclusive regulation of the Virginia Board of Nursing.

How can you help? Please sign this petition, which we will submit to legislators during the upcoming 2017 General Assembly to make the point that change is needed for the future of the NP profession and for patient access to quality healthcare. If you agree with having full practice authority, please sign this petition.

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