to all human beings

When I am about to think what to write for this background, on the news they are talking about International Day of Reading With Loud Voice which is celebrated in more than 80 countries. If something so basic can exist and many more similar too, I believe Jesus Christ, The Holy Three, deserve Them too an international day to be celebrated one day, every year, in the same time on this Planet that He created. That day I am thinking to mark, to celebrate by doing the cross sign by as many people as can.

The cross sign which we are making in the churches, or with different occasions of our life, I want to exist a unique moment, in a unique day, each year, when every one of us will make the cross sign and saying a short prayer, a good thought in our mind, this happening in the same time, for a few moments, everywhere in this world. As every one of us we are capable to turn off the electricity for 5 minutes, once in a year, I guess we are capable to do something for God, coming from every one of us, in the same time, in all areas of the world.

I believe on that day we are capable of stopping aggressions.

This thought is based on research that scientists did, studying the making of cross sign upon the water, food and us and showing the benefits demonstrating what happens with molecular structure immediately after executing the cross sign. If the cross sign won't be done by people from religious considerations then it should be done for health reasons.

I support Foundation of Cross Day on September 14.

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