#International Affairs
Japanese Civil Aviation Authority

Colin Hales has successfully and safely flown his aircraft through 28 countries on his journeys around the world. He is seen as an ambassador for flights of General Aviation Aircraft and has made countless friends and created and opened many new avenues for flights of General Aviation Aircraft. through the most remotest parts of the world, While sharing his experiences through educational talks or assisting in maintenance of aircraft with his licensed technical aircraft skills and experience, Colin works to aid communication and build friendships and partnerships of pilots and aircraft engineers wherever he goes, lessening the mistrust and suspicions built by the mass medias of the world. All round, Colin is a good guy!

We the undersigned acknowledge Colin Hales's KR2 Worldtour, We believe in the benefits of his flights and fully support his quest to continue on around the world until he is safely home. We recommend to any person, pilot, engineer, agency or authority involved in his flights, to openly and warmly give their support to aide Colin in his endeavour to achieve his worthy goal.

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