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After a recent petition was sent around the internet this week I was shocked and appalled to see the intolerance and ignorance of some members of this community. Claiming that the people of Ellesmere Port outright oppose the building of a Mosque in our town when so many of us are all for the promotion of freedom of worship as so stated in the Human Rights Act.

Really there is no need for a petition for a mosque as the council have already given the green light to the idea. This petition is to show the narrow-minded people of our community who are using horrific terrorist actions as a basis to support their outright racism, that not all of us share their views and that we are an open, tolerant respectful town that recognises the needs of its citizens.

Every religion holds conflicting teachings on many subjects, we don't judge Christians purely on the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church yet followers of Islam are held in such disrespect and detested for the actions of terrorist organisations that do not reflect the views of the religion as a whole.

The 5000 people in Ellesmere Port who are registered Muslims should rightly have a place to worship in their own community if anything now is the perfect time to show the world that Britain is a nation where all are welcome, respected and valued regardless of race or religion. Let us not lower ourselves to the same level as our enemies.

We, the undersigned, fully support the proposed plans to establish a Mosque in the town of Ellesmere Port, promote religious freedom for all in our community and condemn the intolerant actions and language carried out and published by others.

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