Parents and community leaders in the District of Columbia
United States of America

A critical mission for our city is to ensure great, matter-of-right schools from pre-school through high school graduation in all of our communities.

In large parts of the city, parents have little confidence that there are viable, matter-of-right neighborhood options for their children, and find themselves at the whim of a lottery system. That reality undermines their enthusiasm and even willingness to stay in the city and detracts from quality of life for all of our citizens.

In the meantime, the success of the neighborhood school system in any part of the city depends on the success of that system throughout the city.

Public schools lay at the heart of our communities. It is essential that the community plays a leading role in the decisions we make about our schools. It is also essential that we maintain key compass points, including:

• A commitment to great, “matter-of-right” neighborhood public schools in every community – from pre-school through high school graduation – that give parents security in knowing that while there may be other options they have a great local one.

• Recognition that to achieve our goal of public schools that fully meet the needs of children may require additional resources in communities where children have the greatest needs.

• Embrace of public schools as community centers to serve our residents and strengthen our sense of community and as centers of civic engagement.

• Acknowledgement that there must be full transparency and community involvement in our budgeting and other decision-making processes in order to build confidence in the system.

To achieve these goals, we the undersigned parents and community leaders from across the city pledge to work together to press our city leaders to take steps either through new legislation or Executive action or both to ensure that we offer strong, neighborhood, matter-of-right schools in every community in our city.

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