Greater Geelong Mayor and Victorian Government


I have created this online petition to show our support in numbers and car/motorsport enthusiasts as one to show how much country Victoria is screaming for a motorsport complex. Trying to get kids and adults alike off the streets to somewhere safe and fun in the right environment. The idea is to be put out there to gather support and try make this dream possible.

With the correct government funding we could create a world class motorsport facility. Why not have it on the big stage? with v8supercars Australia all around the country what is stopping country Vic from having them? f1gp? why not imagine the business it would bring.. most of all it gets all your car enthuistests or more commonly known as hoons as we are all painted with the same brush, to the track.

It's a massive sport and it grows daily. from drag racing, circuit racing, drifting, motogp, go-kart racing, burnout comps, to defensive driver training courses... the sky is the limit.

All I ask is for you to show your support! Thank you.

We, the undersigned, would like to show our support for a funded motorsport park in the greater Geelong region of Victoria.

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