#Animal Welfare
To the Mayor, Deputy-Mayor and Councillors of Bergrivier Municipality
South Africa

Part 1:
Petition contact person: Angila Joubert
Telephone Number: (022) 783 1112
Address: Bergrivier Municipality, 134 Voortrekker Road, Velddrif, 7365

Part 2:
The petition of the community and members of Bergrivier Municipality to encourage the development of a Seal Rescue centre within the West Coast region by Jacques Nel and his team.

Part 3:
Draws the attention of the Council to the neglect of Seals along the coast line of the Bergrivier coastline area by many encounters experienced where dead seals are noted along the coast line. The cause of death unknown. The number of deaths experienced yearly fluctuates every month, but as many as 10 dead seals noted monthly. Many reported abandoned seal pups are also noted along the coast line and no facility to facilitate these stranded pups and rear them for sufficient release back into the environment.

Part 4:
The petitioners therefore request that the Council support the development of a Seal rescue centre along the West Coast, as there is no such centre in this region and the nearest one is based in Hout bay, Cape Town. Also to promote the finances for school awareness campaigns on seals, whales and the marine environment within all schools and community centres within the Begrivier municipal jurisdiction area.

Part 5:
To support the legal requirements as stated in the Sea Birds and Seals Protection Act, No. 46 of 1973: (cB) make regulations prohibiting or regulating the taking on board, without lawful reason, on any fishing boat as defined in the Sea Fisheries Act, 1973 (Act No. 58 of 1973), of any fire-arm or any instrument or substance with which seals may be killed, disturbed or frightened away;
[Para. (cB) inserted by s. 43 of Act No. 57 of 1975.]

We , the Undersigned, call on the Mayor, Deputy-Mayor and Councillors of Bergrivier Municipality for the support of the Seal Rescue Centre on West Coast of Western Cape

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