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California High Speed Rail Authority
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There are three possible routes for the California High Speed Rail to travel through in the Chowchilla, CA area called the "Wye".

Two of the routes tear through the country and damage vital water infrastructures, city growth plans and impact school and safety transportation routes.

The Highway 152 / Road 19 route is the only route that would give something positive back to this area in the way of, much needed, overpasses along the Highway 152 corridor in Madera County.

Proposition 1A that authorized the building of the high speed train stated that when possible the train would follow existing transportation corridors and protect as much agricultural land as possible. This third alignment option would fulfill that promise.

We, the undersigned, express our SUPPORT for a preferred High Speed Rail ‘Wye’ alignment utilizing the Highway 152 and Road 19 corridors in the community of Chowchilla, CA.

Although many of us would prefer High Speed Rail not go through our area, we recognize the efforts by High Speed Rail staff to work cooperatively with residents and other interest in developing the Road 19 - Hwy 152 "Wye" option. This is the only alignment to offer a positive benefit to the community that will bear the effects of the largest HSR footprint in the state!

We, the undersigned, also express our OPPOSITION to the alternatives involving Road 13 and Avenue 21 as they only offer negative impacts and no positive benefit to this area.

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