Braudé Management

Dear Anastacia fans,

We from Anastacia-Newkirk.com are trying to organise a fanday for you. We need to get support from the Management and Sony Music because without their support we won't be able to even start a fanday.

All we got to hear is that we can only give to them and that they can't support us in anyway. They both reacted like they don't care a shit about the fans. We aren't even allowed to support the Anastacia Fund.

Now please sign this petition so we can sent it to Braudé Management. It's about you as a fan! We have to show them fans DO count in the world of an artist!

I kindly ask you all to close down your Anastacia fansites with the words 'we fans want respect & support' tomorrow 12 May.

Show them we are a true family!

MJ and crew of Anastacia-Newkirk.com

We fans want respect & support. We want a fanday.

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