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Love Lord Of The Rings? Wish you were part of the story? Tired of being disappointed at the mediocre efforts and lack of respect gaming developers show towards the LOTR?

Sign our petition showing we - serious gamers - will pay good money for a serious LOTR game!

We're tired of second rate hack and slash efforts from game developers towards our beloved Middle Earth and its inhabitants. We deserve better, and are willing to pay better than the average asking in store purchase price per game, to the developer who puts in a serious effort towards developing an epic LOTR game.

An open Middle Earth world where you are free to explore, to randomly encounter the Heroes, Villains and events big and small of middle earth, with high class graphics, details, quests and character interaction is a must!

If you wish to enter a truly remarkable world we all love and become entwined in adventures with Heroes we feel connected with, then sign up to let gaming developers know we are serious and want - and will pay - for a serious Middle Earth Adventure!

We, the undersigned, call on Gaming Developers to Develop a SERIOUS Lord Of The Rings Game. A free roaming, open world adventure, high quality graphics, detailed storyline questing, random events, random encounters with Heroes, Villains and everyday inhabitants, in a vast Middle Earth.

By signing this petition, I hereby show my support and intent to purchase such a game in store, once it has been developed.

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