Latrenda Thomas
United States of America

In the Richland Community College area a food insecurity is a daily issue for some families. This insecurity is cause by food deserts, where grocery stores are to far for peoples without transportation. This problem is very common in urban areas and are the roots for poor nutrition and even obesity. Establishing an allotment garden garden that produces vegetables for the community is something many cities and communities are turning toward. Consideration for Richland Community College to create a community garden has numerous benefits for not only the college, students, and faculty, but for the environment as well. The implication of a community garden will make vegetables available for all of Richland and the surrounding areas, something some families don't have the accessibility or the means to maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Community gardens promote environmental stewardship, education of horticulture, and provide nutrient rich vegetables for healthy lifestyle! Show support and sign!

We, the undersigned, show support for establishing a community garden at Richland Community College.

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