#Law Reform
The US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and Mr. President.
United States of America

We really need to change our laws, because our laws right now serve only small populations. If we used a calculator to figure out, then we know we are in financial trouble. We can barely afford to survive. These problems are caused by our population growth.

In the past, Mr. President George Washington, Mr. President Thomas Jefferson when we started like nowhere men, nowhere lands - and then somebody had to work to help each other for the survivals. But now our American population is about 314,159,265, and our economy became unbalanced when the population grew.

We think our world leader really got the math problems. We did not see them do the calculation for our paradise world at all. They were only help people just for survive or okay, but we didn’t blame on them. We knew they had done their best, so please the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and Mr. President.

Please help our Americas to be a paradise country because that what we are all really want. We want no worry about the money at all if we can and that were deep from inside our heart. We saw everyone got the money problems but we got the printing money machine. We need print the whole lot to money to rebuild our world and that is how the true leader is born. We know it will be not a super challenge to change this world, and please help us one and forever. It’s time to change our United States of America and our world too.

And the paradise are;

We need the US Department of the Treasure release the whole lot of funds to everyone as follow; Mr. President should salary of 100 million dollars annually not $400,000.00. Mr. vice President should have salary of 50 million dollars annually. Senator leadership – Majority Party Leader should have salary 35 million dollars annually. Minority Party Leader should have salary 35 million dollars annually. House Leadership - Speaker of the house should have salary of 40 million dollars annually. The CIA should have salary of 30 million dollars annually. The FBI should have salary of 25 million dollars annually. The police should have salary of 17 million dollars annually. The Gorvenor should have salary of 35 million dollars annually. The base wages should be $500,000.00 a month for workers. The retire income should be $500,000.00 a month. The disable income should be $500,000.00 a month. The welfare should be the same.

The government should partner with business owners to back them up all the money they want so we can build the awesome Hi-tech building like Las Vegas Nevada or better.

The government should give everybody the awesome houses or beautiful hi-tech houses and exotics or luxury cars.

We also need to retire at the age of 40 years old not 65 years old. The 65 years of age limit is too old to be retired. At the 65 years old, we like the dead persons already.

Thank you very much for petition!

It is our sincerest hopes that you all have “Good Fortunes,” “Healthiest Lives,” “Wealthiest Lives,” and “Invincible Lives,” and that you continue boldly on your paths towards each of these precepts.


Diane Hunt, David Hunt, Babara Anderson, Tina Bee, Janice Bell, and Michael De Shannon - www.michaeldeshannon.net

Michael De Shannon, Diane Hunt, David Hunt.....

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