Argyle Central School
United States of America

April 5, 2006

On Friday March 31st a student at Argyle Central School made a decision. A fellow student had a doctors appointment. This student had to go to the appointment alone. So said student accompanied her to the appointment. Before he left he contacted two teachers and let them know he was leaving also he collected any work he would miss.

When the student returned he was given two days suspension as punishment. Why, you ask?

Because he had forgotten to sign out. That's all. But the real kicker is that he got the same punishment a student who walked out of school to smoke would get. Does this seem right to you?

In the school handbook it says that there are not flat rate punishments. Each case is to be judged on the students record, age, and all other circumstances.

None of these things are being looked at by the current actions being taken by the school.

I believe that each case should be judged based on the circumstances of the case. There should be no blanket punishments. This is not only my belief but the belief stated in the Student Handbook.

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