ELKA & Associates N.V.

Dear supporter,

We are trying to assist the Aruban Community to reach a few Extreme Sports Park around the island and also building an International Extreme Sports Park so that we can also have people from all over the world come to explore our island and also enjoy the different sports that we do cater in Aruba.

This has been a dream of many people since 1980's and we would like to accomplish this with your help of signing this petition on why this is important for our island. All they wanted to do is do some stunts, skating and be the best at it, with the dream to participate one day in the Olympics 2020.

We did start with a few young athletes that take this sport very seriously in a full program for the ones that go to school and those who work, that leads to a better community and also giving them some place to expand their creativity and their hobby. They would like to accomplish many things, also acquire their uniforms and safety equipment.

It's much more than just a Community Project.
We all have been there, it all started with a dream...to a goal...and few people who believe in them...

We need sponsors for the following:
Safety Equipment
Ramps and other
Prime materials
Land, Labor and volunteers
Ballroom for presentation
Financial support or donation
Professional training

We are not linked to any political parties nor is this a government project. We respect the laws and process of which we need to adhere to when it comes to asking permission for our events and building as well.

Please take this petition seriously and sign your full name and a valid reason why you support us with this project. You may also like our Facebook page and support us by writing to us there!


ELSKA Foundation

"We, the undersigned, wish to support this project to be build in Aruba Extreme Sports Park with the voice of the young athletes' wishes.
Give ELSKA Foundation the support and financial means to reach their goals and make the dreams, goals of the families in our Aruban Community come true."

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