Secretary of State, Home Office
United Kingdom

Eva Hampton meet Steve Fisher over the internet several years ago and a very close relationship began. In November of 2006, Eva and her 12 year old daughter came to England from the US to visit Steve.

Steve is a quadriplegic and his main carer passed away, so Eva and Morgan extended their stay in England to help Steve with his care needs. After several months, it was evident the relationship was one of love and that a family had been formed between these three so a decision to stay in England was made by them.

While researching which process was needed to apply for a visa to extend their stay .. it became evident that there really was no proper process for them to apply unless they wanted to marry (which they all felt was too soon - 6 months). An application form FLR(O) was filled out under the other catagory asking for an extension of stay for both Morgan and Eva so they might continue to care for Steve and spend some more time together as a family unit before deciding whether to marry or not.

I am asking for you to support the Visa Application of Eva and Morgan Hampton so that they can extend their stay in England with me. I am able to support them without them recieving funds from the government and they will continue to live in my home with me.

The need for the application to be approved without them returning to the US and applying there is because it would remove the care needs that Eva is currently giving me forcing me to hire a stranger to come into my home and care for me.

Thank you for your support.

We, the undersigned, call on the Secretary of State, John Reid and the Home Office to approve the Visa application form FLR(O) for an extension of stay in England for Eva and Morgan Hampton.

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