#Law Reform
Senator Patty Murray (D Wa State)
United States of America

I am a Mom and Parent of a Beautiful 15 year old. I am one of many Custodial Parents who live Daily with the same Anguish, Pain, Hurt of a Child when ignored by a Non Custodial Parent who put there own needs and selfish behavior before the Children they helped Create.

I am the receiving end of the hurt From a daughter who does not understand why her Biological Father makes promises he never fulfills.

Whether the NCP (Non Custodial Parent) Is Male or Female the Hurt and Emotional Trauma Is Lifelong.

We Have also have Good Parents who do pay There Child Support, But are not allowed to see there Child and That the other Parent who has the Child is using the Child as a pawn. Children are not Toys they are Gifts

We, the undersigned, from all 51 States and Territory's Of North America, ask you, Senator Patty Murray to please make Stricter Enforcement of Penalties for Non Payment, and Emotional Distress of Children who have suffered the anguish and Pain from The NCP (Non Custodial Parent ) aka Dead Beat Parent whether Male or Female.

We want Stricter and Closer Supervision of Those who have Defaulted on The Payments, And those who have Slipped under the Radar and Given Chance after Chance, having there License Suspended over and over again yet not being held Accountable for anything. Make the Non Custodial Parent Liable for all Psychiatric damage to the Child and Custodial Parent also.

We feel that the Monetary Limit on Back Child Support also known as Past Arrears Should be Lowered from the Current amount of five Thousand Dollars should be lowered Lowered to two thousand Five Hundred regardless of how many children He Or She is ordered to Support Reinforce Parenting classes and also Stricter Enforcement of Medical and Dental Coverage.

Thank You for listening to Us!

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