California State Board of Education
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Some of history's most innovative thinkers and world-changers had dyslexia, including Galileo, Alexander Graham Belle, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobbs for a start. Can you imagine life for a day without using one innovation or referring to one story inspired by the ideas of these men? The world would be flat, no phone, no time-travel stories, and no computer.

Surprisingly, California schools do not test for dyslexia or offer specialized dyslexia tutoring that empowers these brilliant minds to achieve academic success. The young Galileo today would be placed in resource classes as early as kindergarten (to avoid low test scores counting), given an IEP, and subjected to psychological sessions to track how these shifts affect his morale.

By high school, many students drop out or otherwise give up. Even more shocking is the fact that specialized tutoring for dyslexia is available and has a long track record of success. Within 6 months of focused intervention, students see dramatic improvement in reading fluency and academic achievement.

Let's promote education reform that saves tax dollars and directs attention where it belongs, on the 20% of brilliant students they are currently leaving behind despite NCLB.

We, the undersigned, call on the California State Board of Education to provide dyslexia testing and specialized dyslexia tutoring in California public schools.

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