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Rapid City Vision Fund Committee
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Current housing market conditions have increased property values, which has resulted in limited options for current and new community members. We need more housing, and Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) has recently purchased a 3.5 acre lot on the corner of Creek Drive and East Saint Charles Street, with a bold vision to build approximately 50 two and three bedroom townhome style condominiums as soon as possible. East Creek Village will be a community designed as a mixed income development combining market-rate workforce housing with affordable Habitat for Humanity homes. East Creek Village plans to house approximately 150 people who need safe, healthy and attractive housing that is affordable for families with incomes in the $30,000 to $84,000 range.
On October 20th, Habitat presented to the Rapid City Vision Fund Committee requesting $3.1M in funds to cover a portion of the cost of the Habitat homes in the development. These Habitat homes become a Future Housing Fund in perpetuity as the mortgages are paid over up to 30 years and Habitat invests those dollars into more quality affordable homes.

Please sign this petition to show your support for this project and encourage the committee and city council to approve our Vision 2021 request this December.

We invite you to watch our Executive Director give a presentation on East Creek Village, starting at 20:02. Thanks for your interest and support.

We, the undersigned, request the Vision Funds committee and the city council approve Vision 2021 request for East Creek Drive this December.

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