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Prairie du Sac Village Board
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The Sauk Prairie area, known for its river, bluffs and eagles, faces change, and change is always a challenge. Ken Nonn's proposal for a riverfront redevelopment will change downtown Prairie du Sac.

At a public hearing on Aug. 22, residents expressed concerns about the impact on the community: losing the views of the river and bluffs and more importantly risking the loss of eagles. The village board approved the project anyway.

Many people in the area chose to live in the area because of the character and identity of the community, its history, natural beauty and the eagles. We urge village leaders to preserve the unique gifts the community has for future generations.

Research indicates eagles spend much winter day time perched like stubborn anglers, conserving their energy. Wildlife biologists say this sort of behavior is key to successful winter survival which is why flushing the birds from daytime perches is not a good thing. It expends vital energy.

The development as planned due to the density and the increased human traffic will more than likely lead to flushing of the eagles from eagle island and no longer alow eagle island to be a sutible habitat for wintering bald eagles.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prairie du Sac village board to call for a reduction in the density of the Nonn development project on Water Street in order to be more condusive to wintering bald eagle populations.

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