#Human Rights
The President of Sudan, Minister of Justice, Head of Sudan National Security and Intelligence Organ

July 4, 2006

Sudan's Security Apparatus is crushing Nifasha Agreement & ripping apart social peace


The issue of Dr. Omer Eltaj Elnageib continues to escalate and take center stage in the media and in the agenda of activists protecting freedom of conscience and human rights.

It is a fact that the dramatic and horrific torture incident that occurred to Dr. Omer Eltaj is an expected result in the sequence of other similar incidents documented by the international community.

The UN Secretary General said in his address to the new Human Rights Council convened in Geneva: "The main role of this new Council is to restore the rights of those who were subjected to all types of violations; and we should not allow any political bargaining to overcome the vital value of human rights, particularly the rights of those who had been violated".

As well, during April/May 2006, the activists groups at the grass-roots of the international human rights movement managed to consolidate their thought and to reflect it into the most visible, influential and appealing motto: "Never again & No impunity for perpetrators".

Even as the Sudanese doctor, Omer Eltaj, rises from his extensive physical wounds to embrace life, he is determined in actively seeking the perpetrators of the crime against him. For he has invoked his full legal rights to pursue a fair, independent trial that is consistent with established international norms of justice.

Indications and Facts:

1. The incident in itself represents a complete legal case! The ability of Dr. Omer Eltaj to remain alive after he was thrown away unconscious in a distant farm can be considered as a failure by the murderers to accomplish their premeditated act of murder. The medico-legal report (as known as form 8) issued reveals the following facts: (26 bruises all over his body, 8 haematomas on the legs and buttocks, 6 variable size contusions on the left foot, longitudinal cut wound in the posterior wall of the rectum and anal canal) This document represents a key piece of evidence in cases of torture.

2. We should consider the direct role of the head of the National Security Apparatus, Salah Abdalla Goush and his deputy Mohamed Atta in designing, planning and following up the implementation of the tasks executed by their subordinate officers and soldiers.

3. Specifically, it is important to point out that article 33 of the Code used by Salah Goush and his security team provides absolute immunity to any member of the Security Apparatus and renders all their clear legal violations to be beyond the prerogative of any judicial inquiry.

Dr. Omer Eltaj's case: Demands and directions:

The essence of this memorandum addresses all the forces of human conscience, protection of liberties and human rights, to spare no effort in supporting and showing solidarity with Dr. Omer Eltaj as he actively seeks at this moment to overcome his pains and suffering and as he ponders the Oath of Hippocrates:
"In implementing this sacred oath which aims to preserve the safety of the person and the sanctity of the human body, I hope that God will grant me good repute amongst my family and people of my country, be it during my life or in death".

Support Dr. Omer Eltaj Elnageib who is battling relentlessly to bring those who tortured him and violated his body's sanctity to independent and fair justice.

Help the people of Sudan's aspiration towards democracy and the rule of law; support its efforts to eliminate the current Security Apparatus and annihilate it from the life of Sudanese people.

His Excellency Omar Hassan al-Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan
Mr Mohamed Ali al-Mardi, Minister of Justice of Sudan
Lt General Salah Abdulla Goush, Head of Sudan national security and intelligence organ.


We, the undersigned, are appalled by the inhuman treatment Dr Elnageib has endured.

We ask that you act swiftly to investigate the torture of Dr Elnageib and to bring the perpetrators before an impartial tribunal.

We call upon you to take all the necessary measures to ensure Dr Elnageib's safety and his physical and psychological integrity.

We urge the government of Sudan to ratify the "Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment" of which Sudan is a signatory as of 4 June 1986.

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