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Sun Peaks corporation
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Sun Peaks Corporation will be making the only dog friendly trail in resort ,McGillvary lake nordic trail , impossible for dogs to actually use it any longer. Nordic hosts have been spreading the word to dog owners that ," from early next week you will be expected to only take your dog on the dog friendly trail attached to a leash".

For over 10 years we have enjoyed playing with our best friends whilst providing them the off leash time they require to maintain good health and not too mention good behaviour. Dogs were limited to use on one trail several years back , which is a trail that crosses two roads during your ski. Both of which are unmarked to slow vehicles, and quite a challenge to stop your dogs and children in chariot's that you pull. But we manage to be grateful and use it diligently.

This dog trail is for friendly dogs, to run exercise, be free, play , explore, and socialize whilst there owners (us) clean up after them, ensure everyone's safety, and carry a leash on us in case any problems arise. If the corporation goes through with this enforcement , they are essentially saying don't bring a dog at all. It is nearly impossible as well as completely dangerous to ski with a dog or 2 attached to you.

Dogs have become a huge part of our north American lives , and our guests will choose a resort that is dog friendly. The market is ours to grab by choosing to become a dog friendly community that sets an example for humans and dogs living positively together.

We need to educate , have good signage, set positive examples and create a culture that attracts this integral market.

We the community of Sun Peaks , request the elimination of any proposed or existing mandatory dog leash law , on the dog friendly trails.

This including the for mentioned McGillvary lake Trail to cabin, the Valley trail system OUTSIDE the village core, and the summer use country bike trails, surrounding village.

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