#City & Town Planning
Bournemouth Borough Council
United Kingdom

With the recent news that the Bournemouth Borough Council is to move towards the motion of disposing of the Imax cinema, this petition has been created by the people of Bournemouth in direct support of this going ahead as soon as possible.

Apart from the appalling design of the structure along with the vast waste of money involved in its implementation, the Imax in Bournemouth has blighted one of Dorset's most unique and beautiful vistas for many years. It is hoped that our Council will follow through with the proposal to knock this monstrosity down, and that in its place is constructed something well thought out, more practical and something far more aesthetically pleasing than what has stood here before.

We the people of Bournemouth wait with eager anticipation on a positive final decision as well as this we look forward to an unblemished view across our glorious bay again.

We the people of Bournemouth Dorset, signing this petition, below call upon Bournemouth Borough Council to implement the demolition and removal of the Imax Cinema complex with immediate effect.

We also ask that whatever is decided upon to replace the existing structure is decided upon with the direct consultation of the people of Bournemouth.

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