#Animal Rights

First emoji appeared in 1998, 22 years passed since that time, and emoji number increased many times, so you may find the right emoji for almost any event, emotion or item.

Of course there are gender characteristics in persons emoji, there men and women. Also there emoji with different skin tones, currently there are 6 variants of skin tone. There are girls, boys, kids, babies and even baby-angel. ☺

But still there are no gender characteristics for animals, especially for our pets - cats and dogs.

For example, here is the latest emoji version for Facebook: https://emojitool.com/facebook/4.0. It includes 3348 emoji, but there is no difference between he-cat and she-cat.

It seems to be too complicated to add gender characteristics for all animals, but it is quite possible to realize for some pet animals.

So my suggestion is to add 4 new emoji in next versions:

Cat ♂
Cat ♀
Dog ♂
Dog ♀

In addition it would be grate to add kitten and puppy emoji which are also not presented in any of current versions. And if we go further, then a few kittens or puppies, because we all know that they rarely are born alone.

Support this petition and perhaps emoji developers will see it. We do believe that they will take into consideration our voices and will add gender characteristics for cats and dogs in next versions. Our pets are also entitled to gender!

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The Support development of Pets Emoji with gender characteristics petition to Facebook was written by Declan Hendricks and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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