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Potential Investors, Corporate Partners and Regulators

A note from CytImmune Sciences, a Rockville, MD biotech company:

CytImmune has created a nanomedicine platform, Aurimune™, that we believe will change the way solid tumor cancers are treated. Our technology seeks out and destroys the blood vessels inside all primary and metastatic solid tumors. It can also carry toxic therapies directly into tumors, which reduces treatment side effects.

Our first-generation Aurimune nanomedicine, CYT-6091, is unlike any currently approved cancer therapy. It was shown to be safe and tumor-targeted in a Phase I clinical trial. We are currently seeking to demonstrate the efficacy of CYT-6091 in a Phase II clinical trial in advanced stage cancer patients.

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For more information, please visit http://cytimmune.blog and http://cytimmune.com. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @CytImmune, or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cytimmune.

Please sign our petition of support to let investors, corporate partners and regulators know that you support our intention to test CytImmune's tumor-destroying technology in patients with advanced stage cancer.

We the undersigned have been deeply affected by cancer. We are patients, loved ones and caregivers. We are part of the nearly 10 million who die from cancer every year and the millions more they leave behind.

We believe no stone should be left unturned and no path unexplored when it comes to finding a better way to treat cancer patients. We want treatments that work better, that both keep cancer patients alive longer and improve their quality of life.

We support the efforts of CytImmune Sciences to test its novel nanomedicine, CYT-6091, in patients with advanced stage cancer. We believe potential investors, corporate partners and regulatory agencies should work with CytImmune to ensure their technology is tested in a pivotal Phase II clinical trial.

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