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The current Congress is a dismal failure and is desperate need of new ideas, procedures, and influence.

Politicians are less likely to be focused on special interests and pork-barrel spending if they cannot stay in office indefinitely.

Lack of term limits leads to a system of seniority, meaning those who have spent the most time in office gain more power (in committees, procedures, etc.); consequently, politicians focus on staying in office, districts & states don't receive equal power in Congress, and fresh new elected officials have limited ability to make changes.

Presidential term limit of two 4 year terms was enacted in 1951 for many of the same reasons.

The current impasse in the House and Senate shows the need for term limits for all members of congress. Each member would be allowed to serve a maximum of two 4 year terms.

Presidential term limits were instituted in 1951. It is now time for the Congress and Senate members to abide by the same law.

This would help to reduce the current opinion that they have jobs for life, eliminate or reduce the amount of cronyism, and provide a dose of reality.

I believe it would also force members to be in better touch with the people that elected them and hear what the issues that is most important to the voters.

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