#Human Rights

The so called "Comfort Women" were systematically and forcibly put into military sexual slavery during WWII by the Japanese Army. The survivors deserve justice and the time to restore their dignity is running out.

This is a human rights issue recognised by UN reports, Amnesty International and the US Congress as well as the Canadian, Dutch and the EU Parliaments.

Please join us to deliver justice to "Comfort Women" by showing support for a motion in the Australian House of Representatives in 2008.

The motion is for the Australian Parliament calls upon the Japanese government to:

  • formally and unequivocally apologise to the victims,
  • take legal responsibility according to international law,
  • take historical responsibility by correct teaching of history.

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Suite MG 8
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

15th August marks the anniversary of end of WWII. It is also the Global Action Day for the "Comfort Women" who suffered from military sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. These women, now mostly in their 80s, have been waiting for justice for over 60 years.

On 15 August 2008, Australian survivor Jan Ruff O'Herne and Korean survivor Gil Won Ok are together in Australia joining the solidarity actions in Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea.

To show Australia's support to the "Comfort Women", we have been working on a parliamentary motion urging the Japanese government for a formal apology and taking of legal and historical responsibility since 2006. Your apology to the Stolen Generations in February illustrated the power of a sincere government apology to reconcile past wrong doings. "Comfort Women" too deserve such an apology to get their dignity back.

We seek your public support, with which 2008 will be the year the Australian parliament joins USA, Canada, Netherlands and EU, to deliver justice to "Comfort Women".

Yours sincerely,

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