Independent School District of Boise City
United States of America

Nearly all child development and educational scholarly research indicates that younger children are best able to learn a foreign language.

Learning to read, speak, and write Mandarin Chinese will be critical to the future success of students in the Boise School District.

Providing access to a quality Mandarin Chinese immersion program will provide a critical advantage to students of the Boise School District.

We, the petitioners, do hereby request that the Independent School District of Boise City identify and create a minimum of two (2) Mandarin Chinese Immersion programs with a target start date of academic year 2013-2014.

Further, we request that locations of the schools be placed in a geographically diverse localities so as to ensure access for patrons throughout the District.

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The Support Chinese Immersion in Boise Schools petition to Independent School District of Boise City was written by Branden Durst and is in the category Education at GoPetition.