#Animal Rights

I have started this petition because well everyone thinks of save the pandas, save the tigers etc...but who ever thinks of the chickens that we eat?! I have eye witnesses who have actually seen something so grotesque.

One day that person went to the shops but while he was walking he saw a shop where they were selling meat. That person went to the shop to buy some meat and he saw a live chicken going gead first into a boiling pot of water. The chickens legs were kicking. Then it stopped...it died.

There are so many barbaric ways of killing these animals, it's disgusting!!!

Chickens should live in happy, organic, healthy farms instead of being locked up the day they are born. The day chickens are born they are talken to afarm and locked up in cages. They have room until they grow bigger. Chickens grow quick.
Some of the chickens die before slaughter day beacuse of lung faliure etc..

THIS MUST STOP! These animals hardly see the light! They only have 38 days of livng!!!!!!!!!!

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