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Trina Loewen

Trina has been cared for by her devoted mother (Denise) and loving siblings (Jackie and Jon) for the last 26 yrs. However due to the deterioration of her physical abilities and increase of Grande mal seizures Denise has applied for funding from Interior Health, enabling trained Care Aids to care for Trina a portion of the week in her home.

The care being requested will cost our government very little compared to putting Trina in facility away from her family where she would certainly give up her will to live. You'd have to know Trina to understand this, take my word for it. Denise has jumped through all hoops I.H. has asked of her and in return they have delayed an answer for the last 2 years, simply to deny assistance 2ce in the last month. Denise has also contact both our M.L.A.s numerous times and to date they have been completely unresponsive.

I write this plea after visiting this wonderful family ... our visit consisted of me watching the helpless exhaustion in Denises eyes and the teriffied pain in Trinas as shes in the throes of her 18th Grand Mal seizure within 24 hrs.

A foster parent for the last 23 years Denise has raised our communities children as well as her own. Love is what keeps this born mother going despite days without sleep, a regular occurance. You and I have an opportunity to provide a voice for Trina and her family.

Please sign this petition which I will be presenting to our local M.L.A.s within a week to force a response and action on their part.

We, the undersigned, call on the M.L.A.s office to take Trina's health needs to Interior Health ensuring her and her family are able to receive the assistance they are entitled to as members of our community in need.

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