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Biker Town U.S.A is a concept that originates in Sturgis, South Dakota. Strurgis hosted their first motorcycle rally August 14, 1938. Sturgis motorcycle rally has gone strong for 72 years. The annual, week long, motorcycle rally is very lucrative for the city.

Families and motorcycle enthusiast come from miles around. This years rally calculated over 600,000 participants. The event provided revenue for local camp grounds, motels, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, fast food, and vendors had the opportunity to display their products.

The week long event will bring financial opportunities for our city and local business's. The format has already been tested and approved. Daytona Beach is also hosting a motorcycle rally each year. The Daytona Beach News Journal wrote, "When people flood the city of bike week millions of dollars pour in."

Biker Town U.S.A could put Lake Elsinore on the map, and flood the city with revenue.

Daytona News- journalonline.com

We, the undersigned, are in support of Biker Town U.S.A.

Biker Town U.S.A is a annual, week long, motorcycle rally.

Lake Elsinore would host the annual event, providing a venue to motorcycle enthusiast everywhere.

The community would participate in a week long event, bringing financial gain to the city and surrounding businesses.

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