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As we all know cuts are being, and are shortly to be, made for many people currently claiming DLA.

Now although i can see the reasoning for this i think myself and many other Fibromyalgia sufferers, ME and CFS, would agree that DLA has already been taken from people who need it and is going to affect a hell of a lot more of us, indeed 1000's.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition often dibilitating and robbing you of your "NORMAL" lifestyle. IT DOES NOT GO AWAY...there is no miricle cure. But to quote a lady on our forum she was told if she could hold a pen she could hold a pan ? HOW can anyone even compare the 2?

I have dropped many a cup of tea and cannot lift pans especially if full with BOILING water and potato's for instance .It's utterly ridiculous! many a oven cooked item has fallen to the floor and I've lost that many knifes dinner plates etc to the bin without even realizing amongst other things!

I think i can speak for many thousands of sufferers from the syndrome that it literally robs you of your life and for many be it a car courtesy of DLA it is their only way out in the world.

Imagine Chronic pain morning till night ? everyday for your life when diagnosed. I know because that is my daily life. For most we are lucky if we can make it out of bed; for others we may manage a small amount of set time for a couple of things then rest...we just cannot do the same as a healthy fit person can. The sole of my feet hurt to the top of my head as with most cases..i walk but with pain. I have too... or give up.. i look for slippers , trainers that are as close to wearing sponge on my feet!

Memory? whats that? Big chunks of our lives are missing and it only gets worse. Please i would urge that you take a closer look at the Fibromyalgia syndrome affects and what is associated with it BEFORE you remove the DLA with a short non informative form about our health. I could write soooo much more on this ..but am limited to space and keeping attention.

Something that was bought to my attention recently was The spoon Theory ..although based on another illness you could not get closer to this for fibromyalgia sufferers..take a look and widen your knowledge and understand a little mayby ??


Kind regards on behalf of all Fibromyalgia/ME/&CFS sufferers across the nation & UK Fibromyalgia syndrome awareness.

T. Goodyear

We Fibromyalgia sufferers would urge David Cameron and Atos to take a closer look at our sydrome amongst many others (I understand) that you may be more aware of the impact of DLA cuts to fibromyalgia/ME/CFS sufferers in the UK.

Please take appropriate action to understand this syndrome in full and don't compare a pen to a pan!


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