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Since 1994 to present (2009), current community television operators have been delivering television services that can be compared to mainstream media and now they continue to lobby the federal government for your tax dollars to sustain what should be a public service presenting your community and reflecting the local voice.

This has not been achieved and now change is needed to bring back community television back to the local public's interest. Do you want to continually pay for more television services like that of ABC and SBS media services?

Then let your federal government know that you want your MTV - Municipal TV (Community TV) for the public voice and not another mainstream service.

Let's Tell The Federal Government: Do you really feel you have a community television sector reflecting your interests?

If not, then come on-board and support a campaign to conform community television services that allows the public to have ownership, able to participate, create jobs, train all media enthusiasts for the future of the media industry, allowing only the creation of the public voice to be produced, and most importantly a media service primarily reflecting local people and interests that these stations were intended and established to serve.

Remember, the broadcast licenses for community television is the property of the public; now is the time to make this media service responsive and reflective of you; the public.

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