#Animal Welfare
Minister of Tourism, Minister of Justice and Minister of Agriculture

In November 2010 a shepherd in Elounta, Crete took his dogs eyes off with a sharp object because the dog ate one of his chicken since he had left it starving. He was arrested by the police but was set free. It was after many people reacted and thousands signatures were gathered that it was decided for him to go to trial.

A week after, school kids in Kabala beat to death a 3 months old puppy in the presence of teachers with noone trying to stop them. A few days later, in Giannitsa someone nailed a cat on the trident of a mermaid statue in front of the Spiritual Center Building.

Meanwhile, stray dogs all over the country are left to their fate and the hands of heartless people who poison them or kill them in various ways. The animal law in Greece isn't applied like it should. Please sign to force the greek goverment to pay attention to animals, strays and not, and take action against all cruelty.

We, the undersigned, demand of the Greek Goverment to take action against any animal cruelty taking place and punish exemplary whoever is guilty of harming an animal.

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