Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Climate change is real and at least partly a result of human activity. The possible effects of climate change are disastrous for all. Thus greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced drastically.

All of this has been demonstrated time and time again by various climate scientists and international discussion groups, including the IPCC and the Garnaut Climate Change Review. Furthermore, it has been shown that per person Australia is one of, if not the, worst polluters in the world.

An emissions trading scheme would be an efficient way to make a great impact on emissions and encourage development of alternative technologies and resources. Not only this, but the price on carbon needs to be ambitious, fair and with minimal industry offsets to be effective.

To the honourable the speaker and members of the House of Representatives,

This petition of climate conscious Australians, who look forward to and plan for a better future, draws to the attention of the house the alarming rate of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia - one of the highest rates per capita in the world.

We therefore ask the house to introduce a fair but ambitious price on carbon so that polluters will pay fairly for the damage they do upon the environment.

Furthermore, offsets for industry will be kept to a minimum and renewable energy will be invested in heavily.

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