Student, staff, and faculty at Minnesota State University, Mankato
United States of America

A new process was introduced in Fall, 2015 to recognize student organizations at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Some student leaders were confused by the process and did not fully understand their obligations, and subsequently were not recognized and lost their RSO privileges, benefits, and student activity funding.

Some organizations that were not recognized, including the International Student Association, missed only one part of the recognition process and did meet other obligations.

We, the undersigned, request that MSSA create an opportunity for student organizations that were not recognized to become so by establishing an appeals committee and appeal process for those organizations at Minnesota State University, Mankato that applied but were not recognized in Fall, 2015.

We request that the committee review cases brought for appeal and decide for or against recognition based on their findings and mitigating circumstances.

While we recognize the need for standards, we believe that it is the responsibility of MSSA to promote student leadership and we ask that this representative body take into account that students are by definition learners and can make unintentional errors and/or oversights for which the current sanction seems out of proportion.

Student organizations provide services and advocacy for student constituents and to interrupt the delivery of those is a detriment rather than a benefit to the MSU community.

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