#Neighborhood Living
Diocese of Southwark
United Kingdom

By working with architects and developers to make use of the redundant hall, to make affordable dwellings for the community. All Saints will be able to re-modernise the church through extension of the baptistery. Creating new opportunities for our local community and the community at large.

So far, our scoping document contains the development and the additions of;
Addition of a second floor
New community rooms
New Kitchen facilities
Updated heated system, sound system and electrics
New housing on hall site
New disabled access
Balcony overlooking the nave.

All Saints has been serving the people for over 60 years, we hope this project will allow us to continue this mission in an ever changing world. Please sign this petition to show your support the for the refurbishment and building development of the Church.

Let the Diocese of Southwark see that this project is supported by the local community and beyond. So they too can show their support.

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