#Human Rights
President of the United States

Last month, President Hamid Karzai speedily passed new legislation that significantly limits women's rights in Afghanistan.

The new law dictates that husbands may demand sex from their wives at all times, thereby granting legal premise for rape within marriage. The law also precludes other discriminatory conditions, such as prohibiting a woman from leaving her home without permission from her husband.

This law is seen as a major regression in the small gains women have made over the last 15 years in Afghanistan. The women of Afghanistan, and the Afghani people, need the support of Westerners in pressuring the US government to speak out against this new law.

Secratary of State Clinton has already made clear the administration's verbal condemnation of this act, but more significant action must be taken in order for there to be real pressure placed upon President Karzai.

Please sign this petition to ask the Obama Administration to take significant action so as to repeal this damaging legislation.

President Obama,

We, the undersigned, hereby request that your administration take severe action against the government of Afghanistan in regard to the recent passage of legislation that infringes upon the rights of women in the region.

We ask that you act with prudence and haste in this matter. We cannot support sending US support to a region that so flagrantly neglects human rights with legal predication.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that your administration act with more than words in pressuring President Hamid Karzai to repeal this legislation, and undo the reversal of human rights progress that this new law creates.

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