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In the year 2005 a newspaper in Denmark published 12 drawings to insinuate the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

This excited feelings of anger in muslims around the world regarding newspaper (Jyllands Posten) and made many Arab and muslims want an apology to decrease anger. But neither the editor in chief or the Danish government wanted to apologise.

Recently in February 2008 several newspapers in Europe published the offensive drawings again which was a provocation to the religious symbols which is unacceptable and the Danish PM Rasmosn refused to apologise. He refused meeting ambassadors of several arab countries to discuss this problem saying that freedom expression in his country is something that is not acceptable to discuss.

The vatican has officially said: "the freedom of insulting religions has no place".

The owner of the newspaper "France-Soir" (Raymon Lakah) had deposed the manager and chief of his newspaper for publishing the drawings.

This petition is not against freedom but freedom must be responsible not insulting to others, especially the religious symbols of everybody.

Kofi Annan will discuss making a clause in the "UN" protecting religious symbols. We hope this is approved to prevent the irresponsible actions of abusing religious symbols.

We, the undersigned, agree with the passing of a "UN" initiative preventing the irresponsible and wrong publishing of religious symbols.

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