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USF HEALTH signalled a smoking ban on and around all the 19 USF HEALTH buildings, this has made the health department much more breath friendly for its students and staff!

I would really like to see this as a campus wide ban for all of USF rather than just the health departments!


Have you ever walked into the library and experienced the thick cloud of cigarette smoke? How about when you're walking into your classroom in Cooper Hall and despite the no- smoking signs in the buildings breezeway, you still see many students polluting the air outside of classrooms?

This can end! I think USF's air has become too polluted and dangerous for students that don't smoke and don't wish to breath in cigarette fumes.

If USF HEALTH can help the fight against second-hand smoke and give students the right to fresh air. Why not give all of USF a breath friendly environment? Its a very simple solution, if students voice their opinions and care to put a stop to the tolerance of smoking; we will have fresh air in no time at all!

Please Sign this petition so I can take this to Student Government and put up a fight!

Imagine being able to actually breath in fresh air while going in or out of the library or other heavily smoke polluted areas on campus, it sounds really nice to me! If you agree please sign below!!

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