#Children's Rights
Us senate
United States of America

There currently at this time is no program that offers financial assistance for relatives, who take temporary or permanent custody of children. I want to change this there is a lot of relatives that want to take children but cannot because there is no financial assistance offered.

If the government gave relative financial assistance like they give for foster parents there would be alot more who grow up with family instead of living in several foster homes.

The relative placement program will offer relatives the same financial assistance foster parents get.Lets fight to keep family with family and lets fight to get to children adopted by family members which this program will do.So many children will never get to know that they have other brothers or sisters out there or other family out there who wanted to take custody because they can't afford it. Why should foster parents get food stamps,wic,medicaid,cash assistance,clothing allowances. while relatives who take children are left with no assistance at all.

Most children spend their whole lives in different foster homes because relatives couldn't afford to take them. When most of them get older they end of on drugs because of years of abuse i want to stop that lets help the children and the families stay together thank you for all your support.

We, the undersigned, call on the US senate to create a financial assistance program for relatives, taking temporary custody or permanent custody of children, that are in the custody of department of social services.

We want to help children stay with relatives instead of being with non relatives.

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