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The domestic violence problem needs more attention in our nation. Unfortunately though, it’s not been nearly enough to get it under control.

Time and time again, the court system, including DA’s, lawyers and judges have exhibited nearly collusion with the perpetrators by their real lack of holding the perpetrators fully responsible for their actions and choices by issuing only what amounts to a slap on the wrist and very little real accountability of the perpetrators of the crimes.

Even if they are found guilty, few are ever held fully accountable for their violent atrocities against their spouses and by the children exposed to their example, by them being able to negotiate plea deals and receiving a drastically reduced sentences or early outs. The victims are left confused, trampled and mostly devastated by what happens. They are essentially re-victimized by the system a second time. It sends out the very worst and absolutely the wrong message to those who do these acts, to their significant others, to the children who also see this and to all others.

Let all of us stand up and demand that abusers are held accountable for their actions. We need to stop the cycle and teach all of our children how to disagree with people in our lives without using abusive tactics.

As bullying is an offshoot of the abusive trait found in today’s society, let us make the abusers and bullies responsible for the choices that they make in regard to how they treat their family members and others. Battering is always an intentional behavior.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to establish an internet based, public record database of persons who commit domestic violence.

Just as sex offenders and child molesters have to register in various states - why shouldn't domestic violence offenders?

There needs to be a domestic violence regristry of people who are guilty of committing a domestic violence crime. Ideally as soon as an interim Peace or Protective Order and as late as actual convictions and/or jail time.

All crimes associated with domestic violence should be included. This are - but are not limited to: phone misuse, assault, battery, verbal threats, stalking, etc.

There are entirely too many victims and deaths caused by domestic violence and abuse.

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